Rentals for just $75*
Buy a Tux for $100.

How It Works

Delux Tux is your easy go-to solution for tuxedos. By easy we mean set an appointment, pick your tuxedo, pay, and go. To rent a tuxedo pay $75 with a $25 deposit. Pay $100 upfront, and you keep it!* That's it. Call or text to reserve your tux TODAY.

Tuxedos come in two colors and multiple styles: black and white. Vest, ties, and hankies are available in hundreds of colors and styles. Shoes may be available in your size for an additional $10. Dress to impress. Everything else takes care of itself.

Contact us today. Conveniently located in Mapleton, UT.

*Cash only. Sizes/quantities are limited. No refunds or exchanges.

Call or Text: 801-368-1823